Better late than never – The Program’s Oscar Rankings

Sure it was a few months ago, but we have not had a chance to tell you what we felt about the 10 Oscar nominated movies. So here is our chance…

BUT before we start, just remember this…. don’t ever get worked up about the Oscars. The Oscars are a joke. It’s a political game by studios, and every year movies that are truly deserving get ignored. SO just remember to never take the Oscars seriously.


10. The Blind side – A perfect example of why the Oscars are a joke. This movie should have been called “Precious 2: The Big Mike edition” and aired for one of the Disney movie of the weeks. Absolute crap!  Tomatometer – 67%

9. A Serious Man – People familiar with the Jewish religion might have gotten more out of this then myself, but I thought it was an interesting movie that was in no way, shape, or form a top 10 movie of the year. Tomatometer – 88%

8. Up in the Air – Certainly a good movie. But seeing how it was an early Oscar favorite, I always thought it was a bit overrated. Tomatometer – 90%

7. District 9 – Liked this better the first time I saw it than the second time…but still a very good movie. I still give best sci-fi movie of 2009 to Star Trek, but you could make a very good case for this one as being at the top of the list. Tomatometer – 90%

6. An Education – I am betting that most of you never watched this one, but this is a sleeper hit for me. I didn’t expect anything when watching it, and maybe the low expectations helped, but this surprised the hell out of me. Tomatometer – 94%

5. Precious – Mo’Nique scared the crap out of me in this movie.

I would put the mother from Precious up in the ranks of Freddie and Jason. Tomatometer – 91%

4. UP – If you didn’t feel a bit of a lump in the throat from the first 10 minutes, you got no heart. I still rank Wall-E higher in a “Best Pixar” movie ranking. Tomatometer – 98%

3. The Hurt Locker – And here is where things get tricky. I know a lot of you think Hurt Locker was overhyped, but for me, I think the first half of the movie is outstanding. Great stuff up until the end of the snipper scene. The second half then proceeds to lose some of its momentum. That being said though, for everyone who thinks there is no point to the movie, your missing out (think “A day in the life of” type of movie except that day is almost a year, and it’s in the middle of Iraq.) A “close to being an excellent” movie but not quite making it so it’s just “a very good one”. Tomatometer – 97%

2. Avatar – To be honest, I think this is the movie that is over hyped. In two looooong parts of this movie I got bored, and that is with the crazy 3D stuff going on. This movie is high on my list for the 3D which blew my mind in parts (basically any part that was “real” like the Army base stuff). The CGI was also very impressive, but at the end of the day, it only impresses for so long, so seeing a 20 minute scene of them flying around above the forest almost put me to sleep. I still give this movie its props….but those Props are mostly for the 3D. Tomatometer – 82%

1. Inglourious Basterds – I knew it had no chance of winning…but this is my pick for best movie of the 10 Oscar nominated flicks. It really is Tarantino’s masterpiece. It’s very talky, so if you like your movies with action and special effects, stick with Avatar. But if you dig the dialogue of movies, how could you not love every single scene in this movie? Tomatometer – 88%


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