Kobe Fans Strike Back

They have been waiting for this moment for quite a while now. Those crazy Kobe fans have dealt with almost a years worth of a beat down, and are now jumping at the first chance they get to take out the new golden boy…LEBRON JAMES.

How much have you heard about Lebron the past day being overrated? Or that he doesn’t have the heart?

NOT everyone who is saying these things about Bron Bron is going to be a Kobe fan…BUT…it would appear that most are. It would appear that Kobe fans have been having a tough time dealing with Lebron becoming officially the number one player in the game TODAY (not talking legacy stuff, just better basketball player, Kobe still easily has Brons beat in legacy) so these Kobe fans are jumping on every and any damage to the Lebron armour.

But let’s get to the reality of things here. No matter what happens tonight, Lebron is still Lebron. He is still the best player in the game today. He might be a bit of a douche, but so is Kobe. And for you Kobe lovers out there who are jumping all over Lebron and his game 5 performance two night ago, do you need to be reminded about that infamous Kobe game 7 against the Suns when Kobe had the same uninterested look to his game? Or how a healthy Celtics team destroyed Kobe and his Lakers two years ago?

The bottom line is that the series is not over. Game six is tonight. And based on what happens when this series is over THEN we can have serious conversations about Lebron James and what his status is in the game right now.

Because a Cavs win tonight, and it’s game 7 in Cleveland. And didn’t everyone predict a Cavs win in 7 to begin with?


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