The Bundy’s go to Hawaii

Here is the deal with PVR’s. They are great! You can watch a boat load of great television…but still not become a full fledged couch potato! The power to be able to watch shows at your convenience and get rid of commercials has really been the best technology jump of the 2000’s.

Let’s put it this way….without the PVR, I would have never been able to get into a show like Modern Family. The show could just be the best new comedy of the year, but as every new show takes some time to get used to, so does this particular one. The power of the PVR helps to deal with these issues.

The PVR is like He-Mans sword in a lot of ways.

The Power of the PVR

So back to Modern Family. Great episode last night. Everyone goes to Hawaii for Al’s birthday. And even the ending with the wedding for Claire and Phil was touching.

The season is ending soon, and I will talk more about my thoughts on the show, but for right now last nights Hawaii episode was a winner.


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