End of the road for Bron Bron

How Quickly Things Change

First let’s address one thing very quickly…. Lebron James is still the best player in the game today. I AM NOT TALKING BEST PLAYER EVER. He is not even in that conversation until he gets some rings. But regardless of what just happened last night, Lebron is still the best basketball player today.

Here is something that is just being completely ignored in all this anti-Lebron hoopla….the Celtics are a really really good defensive team. They played Lebron better then anyone has ever played Lebron. They also destroyed the rest of the Cavs. Let me tell you that Vince Carter in the next round, and perhaps Kobe in the finals had better take note, because the Celtics are back to being those championship Celtics from 2 years ago, and that is trouble for Orlando and ether LA or Phoenix.

Were the Cavs Even a Top Level Team This Year?

I do admit though that I am somewhat confused by how this Cavs team lost. It did look at some point like this team was absolutely stacked. BUT then you start to look at some of the pieces on this team, and you start to realize just how much this team was more of a “very good team” and not a “Championship team”. Let’s start with the big man, as I was never high on the Shaq signing, he is just a back-up center now so I never saw him as being the guy to bring a Ring for the King. Mo Williams has always been spotty, but it’s now clear after the past two years that when the going gets tough, Mo disappears. I think the world of Anthony Parker, but there is a reason why the Raptors didn’t want him back as a starting 2 guard. AP is a back-up level talent. And with Antawn Jamison, I admit at the time of the trade I did think that he would be a difference maker for the Cavs, that the championship was now being shipped directly to Cleveland, but now that the Cavs are out, I think what we are seeing the risks that are involved with doing mid-season trades. Jamison never looked completely insync with what the Cavs were doing. Is that his fault? No. This team had been together for months previous to his arrival, and had been clicking without him. So to ask him to come in and be a MAJOR piece (coming in a be a role model is different, as that that shouldn’t be as difficult) just when the season is getting tougher and the playoffs are about to begin…can’t really  blame Jamison for this, and really this should let GM’s know that unless you are desperate, your main players need to be together from training camp.

If Your Going to Blame Anyone, Blame This Guy…

If Cleveland brought back this exact same team next year, I think they would be better, with giving Jamison a chance to be a legit number 2 option to Lebron….but they would still go down to the Celtics in 6 games. Because, and I think this is obvious, as poorly as some of the players played, the issue with this team is not the players but it is clearly on Mike Brown. For years we have heard about how this guy just doesn’t know offensive. And for years it has shown. All the Lebron on 5 plays over and over again. The slow half court offensive….wanna know how the Cavs could have beat the Celtics? Play small ball and run. The Celtics defensive is what killed the Cavs. Run the ball and don’t give them a chance to set up the killer D. It’s not going to work every possession…but whats the nock on the Celtics? They are getting old and worn down. You can’t really expose that by walking around the court, can you? I guarantee you this, with a different coach this Cavs team would have been better.


So what happens to Lebron? Right now I see four or five options…NY, Miami, Cleveland and Chicago. Maybe NJ can make a play as well. If I had to pick right now, I actually do see him going to NY. I don’t know if he wants to share a spotlight which he would do in Miami. I am sure he has lost faith in Cleveland and might feel he needs a fresh start. Chicago would already have a solid support system, but he would be playing in Michael Jordans shadow. And yes, NY has nothing right now for a support cast, but they have tons of money to spend. It’s actually very difficult right now to predict what he is going to do BUT if I had to, I would pick NY.

Just remember though folks, in the middle of your “Bron Bron is overhyped” talk, make sure to give the Celtics ALITTLE bit of credit please.


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One Response to End of the road for Bron Bron

  1. Kyle says:

    Mike. Brown is for sure to blame. Their offense was pathetic altho Bron didn’t seem too upset after the loss. Aaaand y do you think Bron wanted to get rid of 23 on his jersey…um bc that # aint available in Chicago…hmmmm

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