NBC Thursday Night

I don’t know why it is that I have yet to try Community, but with the exception of that show, every Thursday night it is Parks & Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock.

Parks & Recreation – This week brought the goods on this show, as it focused on the positives and started to bring together some interested plot developments for next weeks season finale. The April/Andy stuff was well done (sure its Jim/Pam all over again, but the early Jim/Pam stuff was the best part of the Office, so why not get some material from that type of story). She still looks like she is in high school though. I was surprised to hear that she was 21. And for the record, 29 going out with a 21 year old is not that big of a deal, and I am pretty sure no guy would give a rats ass about that. CRAZY..I just checked and the actress who plays April is 25! I am just shocked, I thought the character was 18 the entire time until now.

This new budget cut story line that is involving Leslie is pretty good, loving Ron Swansons reactions to the budget cuts. And Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford is GOLD. That guy is the one consistent with this show, as he is always bringing the goods. And it’s good to see him have some lady luck once in a while.

The Office – Sure it’s been an uneven season, but this is still one of the better comedies on television. And last nights really is a solid example on what this season is all about. Very funny at moments, but dry in moments as well. A overall funny episode, but one that is uneven….just like the season.

Love the Dwight/Angela contract scenes that ends with Dwight trying to damage his goods as he completes his 5 intercourse contract. This story line has be criminally underused so far this year.

The Michael Scott affair story line was good in moments. Basically whenever he was in the office it was good. But that middle section where he and Andy went to the baseball game…thats where the drag started to kick in. Just zero humor in that middle stretch. Of course, the whole thing did set up the great ending with the reporter asking Michael questions about printers blowing up, and Michael talking about something completely different….that ending almost made the whole baseball game scenes worth it.

30 Rock – Also inconsistent this season, but last night 30 Rock brought the goods. Watching Tracy Jordan go after his EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) is great stuff, and just like the Dwight/Angela storyline, something that 30 Rock should have been tapping into more during this season.

I have not been to Boston for a long time, but is Julianne Moores Boston accent accurate? I know that she is a very good actress….but that Boston Accent seems so over the top and fake. I doubt that it’s suppose to be over the top, so is it legit? It’s always been something that sticks out in a major way to me.

If I had to pick one of those previous boyfriends for Liz to get back with, it would certainly be the man, myth and the legend…Dennis Duffy.

A bit of a shock, but I give the best show of the night to….Parks and Recreation.


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One Response to NBC Thursday Night

  1. The list of things that Tracy Jordan has seen in his life is one of tif funniest moments I’ve seen on tv in a long time! What makes this show so funny is you never can predict the punchline. If only the things on SNL were as funny as this show set behind the scenes of an SNL type show. Love this blog! On a personal note, LP the class misses you. Come back, there’s a seat reserved for you.

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