Press Rewind – Similak Child driving me wild

The Program wants to get you the on the program with some classic hip hop that should never be forgotten. Today we want you to get on the Program with Black Sheep.


Dres & Mista Lawnge

Albums: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (1991) Non-Fiction (1994) 8WM/Novakane (2006)

Straight out of Queens NY we had Dres and Mista Lawnge, a duo who formed the hip hop group called Black Sheep. They released the groups first, and best album in 1991 called A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing.

The thing about this album is that it has the obvious hits like “Choice is Yours” (engine engine number 9, on the New York transit line) “Similak Child” and “Strobelite Honey”. All three are pure 100% classic hip hop. But if your not familiar with this album, you need to do yourself a favor and get your hands on it any way you can. This way you won’t miss out on the other classics like “Flavor of the Month”, “To whom it may concern”, “La Menage”, “Black with N.V.” and “Pass the 40” among many others. Seriously. Every track on this album is dope. Even the interludes are funny as hell. (The opening dream sequence, the Ladies against Sexist Motherfu*kers, the taxi cab beat down, and an entire track about the phrase… “Fu*k You”).

They had a second album in 94 called Non-Fiction, but that was a pretty big let down. That album lost all of the fun that “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” had. I still enjoyed a few Non-Fiction tracks like  “Without a Doubt” and “Autobiographical”, and I have not listened to this second album in a long time, so a re-listen might be needed to see if it has aged well. But right now, Non-Fiction ended up being a huge disappointment.

If your a fan of hip hop, you ether know who Black Sheep were, or your going to be very happy to discover this early 90’s classic. Dres and Mister Lawgne might have been one album wonders, but that one album is an all-time great.


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