Press Rewind – Uptown Saturday Night

Time for another look back at a classic hip hop group/MC …..



Sonny Cheeba & Geechi Suede


Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do it Again, Black Hollywood

How could a group that released an album as good as Uptown Saturday Night fail to follow up with anything that was even HALF as good as that first album? You listen to this album, and you think that you had better prepare for the next coming of Outkast! But sadly, Camp Lo has more in common with Black Sheep.

To be fair, Camp Lo has had some material worth listening to after the first groundbreaking album, unlike Black Sheep, but again, nothing they have done touches Uptown Saturday Night. Released in 1997, you all heard “Luchini” of course, but make sure you check out “Sparkle”, “Black Connection”, “Coolie High” and “Say Word”. While I wouldn’t say this album was top to bottom as good as Wolf In Sheeps Clothing, this is still an absolute classic from the 90’s that should not be forgotten.

This group has had some material released in the previous few years. And I am going to recommend to all of you to check this group out. I am going to do the same and find whatever new tracks I can from these guys, because it’s my belief that if they could produce something as good as the groups first album…then they can do it again. Maybe I am just missing out right now, and Camp Lo has been bringing the goods once again. And if thats the case, it’s time for me to catch up.

Make sure that your not missing out ether.

This is it!


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