Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic – The Conference Final Preview

Wow….. this is going to be  a tough one to call.

Clash of the Titans

On one side you have the hottest team in the NBA, the Orlando Magic, who have won something crazy like there last 17 of 20 games. They have swept the Bobcats with ease, and shockingly swept the Hawks and made that look easier. Look, I was not picking the Hawks over the Magic, but that was just brutal. Atlanta was a team during the regular season that looked like it could give any team in the east a solid 7 game series. And I know that the Hawks had some internal issues as well, but the Magic just DESTROYED them.

And on the other side you have the Celtics. Remember them? The guys who took the world by storm two years ago as they destroyed everyone on there way to the first Celtics championship in almost 2 decades. The guys who played the type of defense that brought  DEEE-TROIT basketball flashbacks from the early 2000’s. The guys would would tell you that they were going to kick your ass….and no matter what you tried, they always did. Remember them? Well you had better, because it’s starting to look like they are back!


Epic is the term to use for this battle. Dogfight is another. So far these NBA playoffs have been a big letdown. Not one series REALLY grabbed everyone by the balls like last years Celtics vs Bulls series (of course, that was the best 7 game series EVER, so it’s not fair to compare everything to that gold standard), but this Celtics vs Magic showdown might just be the series needed to wake everyone up.

Why the Magic are in trouble

I know that Magic fans have been complaining about not getting any respect, but I am afraid that I am going to have to put my money on the Celtics in this round, and here is why. The Celtics can handle the Magic’s main weapons. Rondo and Jameer Nelson will basically cancel each other out. And when it comes to the Magic’s big man in the paint, the Celtics have enough big bodies that they will give Dwight a hard enough time through out the series. Perkins is in one way shape or form better than Howard, but Perkins is also a big dude who can hold his own in the paint. Superman won’t be shooting above 60% from the floor, as well as the fact that the Celtics have a lot of fouls to give. I don’t see the sick 20/20 games from Dwight this series.

And then there is Toronto’s favorite Vince Cater. And with VC it’s pretty simple. Boston is going to do the exact same thing to Vince as they did to Lebron. And you all thought Lebron had no heart and zero effort in game 5….just watch how Vince is going to react to the Celtics D. I predict a few 2 for 15 shooting games, and MAYBE we will get lucky and get another famous knee/ankle injury. Keep those fingers crossed!

What it’s going to take for Orlando to win

It’s going to take 3 things. 1) Rashard Lewis has to be huge. He needs to be the X factor. While I can see Dwight having trouble and Vince being screwed, if Rashard Lewis steps up, the Magic can win this. 2) Stan Van Gundy is a better coach than Doc Rivers. Boston has better defensive strategies, but in game decisions Van Gundy is better. That needs to be true for Orlando to win. 3) Dwight needs to hit his free throws. Boston is going to foul him. Alot. It Dwight shots around 50% for the series, that is going to be very costly for Orlando. If Dwight can get it around 70%, this will be a MAJOR factor for this Orlando team to win.


I am rooting for Orlando, and after watching them destroy everything in it’s path for the past 2 months, I feel bad for saying this, but I am seeing that scary 08-09 Celtics team right now. So I am saying…

Celtics in 6.


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