Celtics vs Magic – Game one

I was going to wait until after tonights Suns/Lakers game, and talk about both game one’s at the same time, but with not much going on this morning, lets just touch on the Celtics/Magic game from yesterday.

I need to correct myself. In my preview of this Magic/Celtics series, I used the term Epic. The word “Epic” would imply that we would be witness to something special, like last years Celtics/Bulls series. And that is why I need to correct myself. Because last years Celtics/Bulls series, THAT was epic. And while this series could certainly be special, since I predicted Celtics in 6, I am not sure how I could also predict it to be epic. Epic series are not over in 6.

I think what I meant was that this series will be EPIC when compared to the other series so far this year. The truth is that this has been a WEAK playoffs so far. Even the one 7-game series that we got (Bucks vs Hawks) was lame. So, yes, I think this Magic/Celtics series has a chance to shine when compared to what has gone down so far in 2010.

But it would take a lot for this series to be a LEGIT “Epic” series.

As for the game last night, all I can say is that my prediction of the Celtics in 6 looks solid right now, but don’t fear yet Magic fans. What we saw last night was a team that had played 8 times in almost a month, and dominated those 8 games. This is the first test the Magic have had in a LONG time. And they were never going to sweep the Celtics, so one lose is not the end of the world.

That being said, game two is pretty much a must win. They must rebound from this loss, and show that game one was just them getting the rust out of the system. But if they go to Boston down 0-2, it could very well be a sweep….for the Celtics.


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