Is Lebron going to call him Dad from now on?

Sometimes you hear things that just make you say “WHAT?!?!”

Like how Delonte West has been having an affair with Lebron James mother.

Say it with me….. “WHAT?!?!?!”


Now, this is not even CLOSE to being confirmed true. And I would guess its 99% likely bullsh*t. BUT, for all you who like you conspiracy theories, could this have been the reason that Lebron played so poorly in game 5 of the Celtics/Cavs series?

Would you if you were Delonte?

We here at The Program do not like to post crap. But when that crap is as crazy and entertaining as this…can you blame us? I do hope that Lebron goes back to the Cavs next season, just so we can hear him yell…


I love you Dad

If Lebron wasn’t making 100 mil a year, you would almost have to feel bad for the guy after all the crap he has dealt with this past week. Wait until he hears this crazy rumor spreading around.


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2 Responses to Is Lebron going to call him Dad from now on?

  1. Dwadeisgreat says:


  2. patrick_williams0101 says:

    Cant be true. But, certainly funny

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