Press Rewind – Da Dirty 30

They might not have made the cut in the 32 group battle royal, but don’t sleep for a minute on one of the best albums of the 90’s…


Mighty Ha

Da Dirty 30

So far we have done three Press Rewinds, and each of them, including todays, have been one album wonders (Camp Lo is borderline a one album wonder). Cru only released this one album back in 97, and after Da Dirty 30, the group disbanded. Very odd….usually groups disband due to poor reception from critics and sales, but both the quality of this album was well received, and it did sell a decent number of copies.

Now here is where I am going to blow your mind. I think Da Dirty 30 might be a top 5 (or at least 10) album of the 90’s. Seriously. I have not gone crazy. It is that good. Here is a list of GREAT tracks on the album… “That Sh*t”, “Just Another Case”, “Wreckgonize”, “The Ebonic Plague”, “Up North”, “Pronto”, “Lisa Lipps”, “Bubblin”, “The Illz”, “Pay Attention”, “Loungin’ wit my cru”.

Each of those tracks range from VERY good to great. Count them…10 tracks on one album that is VERY good to great. How many albums have more then 2 or 3 tracks that range from VERY good to great? Da Dirty 30 might be one of the most slept on albums EVER.

Now you might think we here at The Program have gone crazy. That is, if you never heard of Cru before. Those of you that have, I assume you hear what we are saying. So allow me to help out those of you who might not be as familiar with this classic 90’s album….

Loungin wit my Cru

The Ebonic Plague


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