The 32 Group Battle Royal

32 of the Greatest Hip Hop Groups ever are about to go to war! And it’s up to you to decide who will survive the Battle!


The war is on! 32 of hip hops greatest groups are about to battle it out, with the crown “The Greatest Hip Hop group” waiting for that sole surviving team. And it is up to you to decide who will be the sole survivors! Over the course of the next few months, we will put each of the 32 groups against each other, NCAA Basketball style, and it will be your votes in each of the individual battles that will determine who gets knocked out, and who moves on towards grabbing that “Greatest Ever” crown!

But not only do we want your votes, but we want your opinions! The goal with this tournament, more than anything, is to create dialogue between fellow hip hop lovers. To discuss why you think one group is better than another. What tracks are your favorites from each group. And to hopefully discover some great, classic hip hop that you might not have been familiar with before. Through the “Classic Hip Hop Group” on Facebook, it is your chance to shine, and to be a part of the conversation.


Here are the Current Battles that are open to your votes.

Battles are open until next Monday.


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