Umm…how were there no charges for this?

Some local news for me here in Toronto. It would seem that some dude was running around some of the busiest blocks in the city (Yonge street from Queen to Dundas) carrying around a fake machine gun. Now, you might think of some guy who had this fake gun in his pants, or pulled it out for a minute or two before putting it away, and  that “Oh, that’s pretty bad”….but that is not what this guy was doing. This guy was running around the streets waving the gun, jumping in front of cars and pointing this realistic looking machine gun at drivers.

I don’t know about you, but that would scare the crap out of me if I was a driver!

But don’t worry folks. Police confiscated the gun, decided that this was a minor incident, and laid zero charges. Umm.. What???? Nothing? I am not saying this is a major incident, but NOTHING?

The details

So just remember that next time you want to run around the streets pointing a realistic looking machine gun at drivers and tourists and shoppers, it’s all good. You might lose the toy, but hopefully you had some fun in the meantime.


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