Lost – What They Died For

And so we’ve come, to the end of the Road….

Can you feel it lost fans? As Jacob said in last nights episode, which just happened to be the second to LAST episode ever, “We are very close to the end, Hugo”, and doesn’t that just sum up last nights “Across the Sea” perfectly. A great episode, a nice ramp up to the finale, and the added dread that television is about to get just a little bit less entertaining after this sunday night. The search has been on for weeks now to try to find ANYTHING that can come close to filling in the Lost gap for next season, but it’s tough to find a show that mixes SO many aspects of great television.

The search for the new replacement is on

This new show we need to find first has to have great great Characters like Lost has in Ben, Sawyer, Locke, Smoke Monster Locke, Alpert, Hurly, Jack, and pretty  much the whole cast on this show. It has to mix in an incredible mythology that has to be equal parts entertaining and equal parts frustrating. Here is a secret, even after all the years of bitching, and coming close to giving up on this show (Early season 3 thank you very much) due to the lack of ANY answers at all, I think it has made me appreciate the show even more. That torment of not answering questions has made this show so unique. Sure other shows in the past have brought forward questions and saved the answers for later (who shot J.R for example) but NOTHING in the history of television has done it with this many questions, and this scope of mythology. I bet you could list about 50 or 60 questions this show has presented to the viewer, and the fun thing is that when they DO give an answer, it ALWAYS comes packed with brand new questions. This show has been tormenting us for years, and I think that now that we are at the end, we can appreciate that part of the show, even when it was making us pull our hair out.

And when looking for a new show to watch, besides the Characters and Mythology, we basically need the show to hire the same guy who does the soundtrack for Lost, because that guy is the MVP of this show. Even if an episode was weak, the music was always hands down top level material. I know that some of you DO give proper credit to the soundtrack of Lost…but not enough people do. I will say it again, as good as the actors are, and the direction is, and the storytelling is…and each of these things are GREAT by the way, it is the people behind the music for Lost that is the MVP’s for this show!

That damn Lost logo

Bottom line. It’s going to be a hard time to replace this one for what it brings to the table. I am giving Fringe a shot this summer on Blu-ray, and while I am expecting good things, I am afraid that there might only ever be one Lost. And it’s the coming to that realization that adds to the dread when watching last nights episode. That thought of seeing the “Lost” logo at the end of Sunday’s episode and knowing that this is it. All done. No more. Seriously, that Lost logo that ends each episode is now become the most dreading piece of graphic in the history of television.

All good things…

I know I have not said a thing about last nights episode, but the reality is that we have less than a week until it’s all over. I am going to wait until after this Sunday, and then do up something on the whole season. Because has everything been perfect? No. And after this Sunday I will get into all of that.

But until then, remember fellow Lost fans, its ok. There is always something else like…..um….like….um…..fu*k, there is nothing else! THIS SUCKS!


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