Game 2’s – Celtics vs Magic, Lakers vs Suns


First, quick mention to the Wizards who won the Draft Lottery. My one fault in my basketball knowledge is a complete lack of intelligence regarding anything NCAA. I love March Madness, but I just don’t follow college basketball. Not because of the level of basketball that it is, because it’s great to watch, but….I just don’t. SO I know that this Wall guy is the top PG in the draft, and that Jersey would have selected him if they had number one. But now that it’s the Wizards, is Wall still the top pick? Because then the Wizards are are in an interesting position, as they have somewhat committed to bringing Arenas back (they can’t trade him I don’t think). Do they potentially trade that number one pick? So, this is going to be an interesting draft this year, with the Wizards having some interesting choices in front of them.

NOW, let me go back to Celtics and Magic Game two. I am sorry, but I am a Raptors guy. Yes, I know the team is not the Lakers/Celtics/Cavs type of team, but dammit the Raptors are MY team. As frustrating as that can be. And as me being a Raptors guy, it did bring a little smile to my face when Carter missed those 2 free throws. We here in Toronto just do not like the guy, period. And tell me this, as bad as Hedo was in Toronto, and he was bad, are the Magic any better with Carter?

But I want to make sure that we, again, give credit where credit is due. This Boston team is legit. Forget all that early season “they are too old” stuff. This team is looking BETTER then the team from 2 years ago. With Rondo now almost the MVP of the team, and a better bench (they miss Posey, but Rasheed has finally decided to start playing), this team is what is responsible for the Cavs sitting at home, NOT Lebron James, or Mike Brown, or whoever else you might want to blame for Cleveland’s loss.

Can Orlando even get one game back in Boston? I think they can. But all that will do is prolong the inevitable, which is a return to the finals for the Celtics.

Now for Lakers vs Suns….and I just don’t have much to say about this one. I knew that the Suns would be in trouble, and they are. The weird thing about these playoffs is that match-ups really have been a huge deciding factor IMO. For example…. the Suns were a bad match-up for the Spurs, and swept them because of that. But the Spurs I think would have given the Lakers a better run for there money (still would pick the Lakers to win though). The two teams that I still think could have BEAT the Lakers were the Mavs and Nuggets (Although Nene going down might make me reconsider). But these are the teams that struggled against the Spurs and the Jazz.

Just really weird stuff going on in the West. If things went slightly different in ether of the Mavs/Spurs series or Jazz/Nuggets, I don’t think the Lakers would be having this type of cake walk to the finals. But that’s the way it went down, and now it’s going to be Lakers vs Celtics once again.

It’s odd to watch this series though, and I knew it was going to happen, but to see a team that looked so strong just over a weak ago, getting blown out by 20 points a game. And I know that you Laker fans want to give the Lake Show all the credit, and obviously they deserve it, but the Suns just don’t match up against the Lakers AT ALL. It this was a Spurs vs Lakers or Mavs vs Lakers, I am not saying those other teams would win, but I am sure that this conference finals series would be much more interesting than it is now.

So Lakers vs Celtics, here we come.


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