Never be Lost again

Ok…this is both really cheesy….and also really GREAT. A hip hop song all about Lost. Now look, I love the show, but sometimes fan produced material just comes across as really cheesy to me. And this video is cheesy. But like I said, it’s also REALLY good.

And that’s because, as a hip hop fan, this is actually really well done. It helps that the soundtrack for the song uses my hands-down favorite scores from the show itself, and as I mentioned previously about how I think the soundtrack is the show’s MVP.

So check this out in preparation for this Sunday…


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4 Responses to Never be Lost again

  1. Joe says:

    can i get an mp3 file of this song?

  2. brenda_Fandon says:

    I AM going to be so sad this sunday!

    Who is the rapper on this song?

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