Season Finale of Modern Family

Best new character on TV this past season – Phil Dunphy. Hands down. With so man great characters on this show Modern Family, it is the performance by Ty Burrell  that stands head and shoulders above anyone else.

One episode is all it takes

So with the first season of this show in the bag, I think it’s safe to assume that this one is not going anywhere anytime soon. The added benefit to success of this show is that it’s not hard to get into. You know how some shows are tough to get into until you have seen a few episodes, and got used to the characters? 30 Rock was like that for me, and in the drama side Mad Men is VERY tough (but worth it). If your cool though with a comedy that revolves around 3 families (one of which is a gay couple), then watch this show, because you might just be hooked after watching one episode.

And last nights episode might have been perfect example of that. Even if you never have seen the show, I think you still would have been entertained by Phil (thinking) he was getting in trouble by kissing his MOM in law on the kiss-cam at a Lakers game, or watching Bundy tell his grand kid some made up details about the 60’s (Bundy was responsible for giving the nick name “Buzz Aldrin), again, this is a very easy show to get into if your cool though with a comedy that revolves around 3 families (one of which is a gay couple).

I know that I have now mentioned the gay couple twice, because I am sure that the Mitchell/Cam relationship might put some people off. Homosexuality is not something that everyone is cool with. Me personally, I could care less. Doesn’t bother me at all. So the Mitchell/Cam thing works for me. And if it doesn’t bother you, then you should be checking out this show ASAP.

So now that season one is done, let me tell you who my MVP’s in each of the three families…

Bundy/Gloria/Manny – Bundy is the soul of the show, but I give the MVP here to Manny, who plays a 30 year old in a 10 year old body.

The Dunphy’s – Obviously it goes to Phil, but really this whole family with Claire, Haley, Alex and Haley are fantastic.

Mitchell/Cameron – Cameron hands down

This though leads to my one problem with the show. Most episodes follow a formula of having three different story lines. Once in a while they will do an episode involving everyone together, but usually we see a plot with Bundy’s family, a plot with the Dunphy’s and a plot with Mitch and Cam. Again, sometimes it will mix the families up and have something like last night (Phil with Gloria, Bundy with Luke), but my problem is that if one plot is stronger then the others, we don’t get as much time with it as the show has to spend time on the other two plot lines. Specifically the Dunphy’s. I enjoy the other two families, but when the show leaves the Dunphy’s to focus on the other two, a part of me is almost waiting to get back to crazy family of Claire, Phil and kids. They could have had this show revolve around that family and it would have been fine. Now, you might think it’s an added bonus tossing in two other groups of people both of which are entertaining as well, but I just noticed moments for me where I just wanted this show to spend more time on the one family, instead of jumping back and forth between all three.

So now my question is this….is this a Collection worthy show?

Here is what I mean by that. You know how some people collect sports cards, or coins or records/Cd’s? Well I collect Blu-rays. Movies and television. And what I am looking for in the collection is not quantity, it’s quality. But here is the key to my collection, it’s about the quality TO ME. Remember how everyone raved about the Lord of the Rings? Not in the collection. Never will be in the collection. Just didn’t do it for me. Remember Wayne’s World? Would you consider that to be a top 5 comedy all time? Most likely not. But it’s in my collection. I have Goodfellas, Godfather, Dark Knight, Usual Suspects mixed with Friday, Pirates of the Caribbean (first one) and From Dusk till Dawn. It’s hard to explain my taste and what makes it or doesn’t make the cut, but that is what makes it unique to me.

So TV show wise, right now I have some 24, Sopranos, The Office and Lost. (not alot of TV has been released to blu-ray yet) And does Modern Family make the cut for me? I know some of you would put Modern Family side by side with the Office….but as good as I think Modern Family is so far, I at this point still hold the Office higher. The collection decisions are usually made with a gut feeling, I don’t analyze these decisions, I just go with my instincts. And my instinct right now is that Modern Family season one is border line collection, but on the wrong side of the fence. Things might change for that after some time, and perhaps after another season, but right now this is a very very good show….but not a collection worthy show.

But still, if your cool though with a comedy that revolves around 3 families (one of which is a gay couple) then do yourself a favor and check this show out!


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