Every Thursday it’s Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock. Sorry, no Community. Don’t ask me why, cause the truth is I don’t know why I don’t watch it. I just don’t. So big night last night as it was the season finales for all three.

PARKS and RECREATION – This is easily the overall weakest of the three shows for me, but there is something about this show that has me rooting for it. I guess that once the show established the characters, it more importantly gained a style that was still a knock off of The Office, but at least it was not as badly done as it was in the first season. And there is many reasons why it’s a knock off of The Office besides the whole “documentary” thing. Its a work place comedy. It has its own Jim and Pam thing with Andy and April. Leslie  Knope is a quasi-Michael Scott. The show was even made by a part of the creative team behind the Office . So Parks & Recreation could certainly be seen as the sibling of The Office. And not as good as The Office ether.

But there is a lot about this show that I do like. And it starts with the Jim and Pam type of relationship between Andy and April. Remember in the Office when the early Jim and Pam stuff was really good? That whole “Jim has a crush on Pam” then the “Pam has a crush on Jim” thing? Well Parks & Rec actually achieve a story line that comes close to matching that with Andy and April. And last night was a perfect example of this. Andy’s goofiness mixed with Aprils awkwardness were great components in making this relationship work, and last night seeing them finally admit that they like each other, but still have the road block known as Ann Perkins in there way, was some of the best aspects of last nights episode, and quite frankly the best aspects of the show period. Sure it’s Jim & Pam part 2, but since the Andy/April characters are different enough, it gave enough of a fresh spin on the “will they get together” storyline.

But they are not the only thing that was great about Parks & Recreation. The entrepreneur Tom Haverford, who is always attempting to score with the ladies and be the stud at the club, was a great character. Although, I am not sure I like that last night they had him finally get a girl friend, as this character has been funniest in his attempts to land one. Now that he actually did….well, let’s see how that works in season 3. And Ron Swanson has to be the character that improved the most over the course of the year. In the beginning, there was ZERO to his character. His character was equivalent to watching paint dry. But at the end, he became one of the better characters on the show. It was the added “Dwight Schrute” factor (the whole “let’s cut the budget thing”) mixed with some “outdoorsman” vibes that turned Ron Swanson from a nothing character, to some of the best parts of the show.

The strong final 2 episodes has given me new hope, as previous to that I was in a “going to watch it, but if I miss it, it’s cool” frame of mind over it. Unfortunately, just as I am ready to bump this up to MUST SEE TV, NBC copies its formula of messing things up, and has bumped Parks and Recreation from it’s fall schedule and moved it to the mid-season. Good job guys. I am not sure how Parks & Rec is doing in the ratings, but with the lack of support from it’s own Network, I would not be surprised to see if it was struggling. I am hoping that this change in scheduling is not the death march for the show, because I do think the potential is there for it too be good. Not great, but good.

Season MVP- Both April and Andy

The Office – Last nights season finale might not have been the best season finale ever for this show, but it was a good one. The whole Sabre story line just seemed like a fresh coat of paint on an already used storyline (Scott vs upper management), but the truth is that Kathy Bates has come in and given it a completely different edge. Her and the whistle blower hunt was really fun stuff, and watching Michael try to protect his friends once he finds out who the whistle blower is (or should I say “Are” because there was 3 of them) made for some great Michael Scott scenes.

By the way…did you notice that last night was the first time they mentioned what street the Office is on? As Dwight was telling his real estate guy on the phone, it was 345 Slough place. Slough of course is the name of the city which the Original U.K. version of the show was set.

So are we now lead to believe that Holly is coming back next year? The Michael/Holly thing was really strong, as she truly is perfect for Michael. So hopefully the actress who plays her is coming back for a long length of time.

The Office is a collection worthy show for me, so I will be discussing this season in more detail once I have the blu-ray at home. But for right now, I think we can agree that this season had it’s moments, but was not one of the better Office Seasons. That’s ok though, still a great show.

Season MVP – Gotta go with Dwight. Most consistent source of humor this year.

30 Rock – What an inconsistent year this was. The search for a new actor on TGS to start the season was great stuff. But once that ended…eh. The show just took a step backwards. Sure, there was still good moments here and there. But it just was not clicking like it had before. Maybe this is a season I have to rewatch at some time, might like it better the second run-through, but right now, it was overall weaker then the previous years. And while last nights episode was ok in parts, there was just not enough Jenna and CERTAINLY not enough Tracy.

That being said, the whole Jenna loving a Jenna impersonator was crazy good, including her line about her Jenna/Cher boyfriend “Me and him, and he and her, and her and I agree” or something like that.

I think my problem is that I don’t care about the love lives of Liz and Jack. What I enjoy the most is when these characters are interacting with the rest of the cast, and pretty much when it’s dealing with TGS related problems. The home stretch of the season though saw Liz dealing with that english guy, and Jack in his 3-way problem, and all of that was fine and and entertaining in moments, it’s just not as good as when they are back at 30 Rock and dealing with internal problems there.

Last mention here is Kenneth. Loved the whole Kenneth story line last night, and that final speech was great stuff. Instead of the middle finger he gives a thumbs up!

Season MVP – This is a tough one, but I feel like I have to go with Jenna for the whole “finding a new castmember thing” and the “Jenna loves a Jenna impersonator” story.



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