Chris Bosh just made things more interesting

Tom here at the Program 101 is responsible for the 32 Group Battle Royal, and he is a hard core Knicks guy. But me, Rob, I am a Raptors guy. And it is my role here at The Program to provide the articles that you have been enjoying everyday. What that basically means is that you might just be seeing (check that, you WILL be seeing) some Raptors related material posted on the site from time to time. Of course though, when it comes to Chris Bosh and his upcoming free agency, it really is not just a Raptors related issue, but a league wide issue.

Reports are out that Chris Bosh has given Raptors management a list of 5 teams that he would be interested in joining this summer. This is important to the Raps, because if Bosh decides to leave, the Raptors want to get something in return. If Bosh decided to leave without doing a sign and trade, not only does Bosh get less money, but the Raps are in a screwed position of having just the Mid-Level to sign a new player. And you can’t replace Bosh with just 5 mil. A great website for hoops fans is Hoops World, and they have done a nice job breaking down the sign and trade potential with each of the 5 teams that Bosh mentioned. IMPORTANT TO NOTE that I have read some articles that Bosh’s agent is now claiming that they never gave out a list of 5 teams. So, even though it sounds legit, this 5 team thing still might not be true. But for fun, let’s take a look. With full credit to Hoops World, I am going to post what they said about the potential trades the Raps can do with each of the 4 teams and give my thoughts on what Hoops World had to say. Then I will talk about the Raps and what they can do to get Bosh to resign…

Miami – Because the HEAT are so far under the cap this could be a lopsided deal with the Raptors taking back much less in return, creating for them a Traded Player Exception. It’s likely a deal here would center on Michael Beasley ($5.0 million) and a possible future first-round pick. The HEAT really doesn’t have much else to offer. Adding Bosh via trade may make it possible to re-sign Wade and sign LeBron James as well.

I HIGHLY doubt that Bryan Colangelo (GM of the Raps) wants anything to do with Beasley. Just like how Pat Riley didn’t want anything to do with Beasley ether with that #2 pick a few years ago. Colangelo values high character guys, which Beasley just doesn’t seem to be. Add in the fact that Beasley has shown little potential of being a big time player in the regular season, and COMPLETELY disappeared in the playoffs, I guarantee you that the Raps have VERY little interest in anything the Heat have to offer.

New York – Like Miami the cupboards are a little bare in New York. They’d love for the Raptors to take Eddy Curry ($11.3 million), but that’s probably wishful thinking. The Knicks could offer David Lee in a sign-and-trade deal, plus a draft pick and create a Traded Player Exception; it’s doubtful they offer any of their four remaining players (Wilson Chandler, Toney Douglas, Danilo Gallinari, or Bill Walker). Adding Bosh could convince LeBron James to come to New York.

Umm…yeah, you can forget about Eddy Curry. That’s not happening. David Lee on the other hand I can see as a worst case scenario for the Raps. David Lee is a very good player, who’s work ethic is going to be very much appreciated by the Toronto crowd. That being said, the only worse front court defense I can think of then Bosh/Bargnani/Turkoglu is Lee/Bargnani/Turkoglu. The Raps know this, so consider Lee a long shot, but a possibility if all else fails.

Los Angeles – The Lakers have only the MLE they could offer Bosh, so he’d have to take a major pay cut to go that route. In a trade it’s likely the Lakers deal would center on, well, center Andrew Bynum ($13.8 million). To make everything even Sasha Vujacic ($5.5 million) or Luke Walton ($5.3 million) could be included on L.A.’s side and perhaps Marco Belinelli ($2.4 million) on Toronto’s side, as well as draft picks likely headed for Toronto.

I know Laker fans have been talking about a Bynum for Bosh trade for a while, but they never considered one thing when they discussed this…the Raps don’t want Bynum. Why take a guy who gets injured EVERY year, and who might have a lot of potential, but is obviously helped out by playing with Gasol and Kobe. How good is Bynum going to be with less talent around him? Seriously…I rather have David Lee I think then Bynum. I consider any trade involving Bynum VERY unlikely.

Chicago – For the Bulls to work a deal with Bosh it would presumably include the addition of LeBron James via free agency as a straight up signing. It would be presumed Derrick Rose is not on the table and highly unlikely they offer Joakim Noah as well, so that leaves Kirk Hinrich ($9 million – the Raptors already have two point guards in Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack) or Luol Deng ($11.3 million). Bringing in Bosh may also make it possible to trade Taj Gibson ($1.2 million), but he’s very cost-efficient.

Crazy how Chicago could be going from first round knock-out to championship material if things work out well for them this summer. But a sign & trade for Bosh here will be tough. Raps would certainly be interested in Rose or Noah (just like all other 28 teams in the league) but the Bulls will NOT move on Rose, and it’s highly unlikely they move Noah. Maybe if something crazy happens where Lebron tells the Bulls he will come but only if Bosh joins, and the only way to get Bosh from the Raps is to trade Rose, and the potential for a Lebron/Bosh team is too good to pass up so they trade Rose and use Hinrich as the point. But that is fantasy talk. Truth is that Rose won’t go anywhere, Noah most likely won’t, and I don’t see interest in Deng, since we already have money locked into Turk to be our SF. We already have PGs so no need for Hinrich. Unless Noah gets involved, then I don’t see this happening. If Noah gets involved THEN we might be on to something.

Toronto – Obviously there would be no trade here. Toronto remains on the list on the off possibility all of Bosh’s other preferred teams go another route, just so there are no bridges burned. Still, they are probably fifth on the list.

I am sorry but I still don’t think that the Raps being 5th on the list is true. I think the Raps still have a good chance at keeping Bosh. Let me say this…at the all-star break the Raps were in 5th seed and looking very good. Looking like they would put up a strong fight against anyone they got in the first round. After the all-star break is when the wheels fell off, but if the Raps had made the first round and put up a good fight, the chances of Bosh staying were quite high. But that changed when the Raps fell apart and ended up in 9th. Bosh now is looking to play for a winner.

So there is 4 reason why Bosh might stay with the Raps…

1) More money staying with the Raps if the Raps decided against any of these potential S&T.
2) Little known fact – Most players like Toronto. That includes CB4. Sure the warm weather would be nice, but don’t think that players itch to get out of the city because 100% that’s not true.
3) Bosh wants to be the main guy. First, forget this whole “Bosh is not a main guy” thing, thats not the point here. Bosh has said this a few times that he likes being the man, and everything I know about the guy tells me  that this is true. Maybe he has had a change of mind recently. But unless he has, I know that being the main guy is important to him. He won’t get that playing with Lebron, Wade or Kobe.
4) He said that for him to stay with the Raps, the team needs to get more help and preferably an all-star level guard who can create his own shots. THIS is the key to keeping Bosh. If Colangelo can’t work something out, I think Bosh is gone. But let me put a name out there. Andre Iguodala. This is someone I think the Raps COULD get, and the addition of AI does make this Raps team, with Bosh, a heck of a lot better.

Look, you just got to understand one thing here. The Raps team from last year was better than the 9th seed they got. Something happened to this team after the all-star break (part of that was Bosh getting injured during a very tough part of the schedule) and the team chemistry went out the window. This team had serious mental issues. But the talent was there. So with a few changes, one of which is a legit SG (like Iggy, or Ellis from Golden State), this very well could be something that would keep Bosh here AND present a team that could take that next step in the east.

What the Raps do at the draft this year (trades, what they draft) will tell quite a bit about what is going to happen to Bosh come July 1st.


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