Sh*t My Dad Says

It’s a word. Give me a break. It’s not F*ck, or Di*k, or Pu**y, or MotherF*cker, or C*nt, or C*ck, or any of these other words that can be considered worse. It’s Shit. Everyone says it. No one cares. Even in Canada you are now allowed to say it on television without the bleep. It’s not a big deal.

So there is this thing on Twitter called “Sh*t my dad says”. I never heard of it before, because I don’t use Twitter. Why? Because I don’t care what anyone had for breakfast, or where they are shopping, or what celebrities are saying to one another. But if you do use Twitter, maybe you are then familiar with this “Sh*t my dad says” thing. Enough of you must be since CBS now has a show coming this fall starring William Shatner that has been inspired by this thing, whatever it is.

But the PTC (Parents Television Council) is having a big problem with the Sh*t part of the title. CBS has said that it will be keeping in the asterisk and whatever symbols it uses in the title of the show, but PTC is still upset over the use of this NASTY HORRIBLE word that if aired on television will create mutant nazi soldiers apparently. But CBS said it best… “The program is inspired by the wildly popular Twitter phenomenon, which now has more than 1.5 million followers and also has spawned a best-selling book of the same name. It will in no way be indecent and will adhere to all CBS standards. Parents who choose to do so will find the show can easily be blocked using their V Chip.”

Isn’t that the point of the V Chip? To let the parents decide? If you have kids, and you don’t want them to see a program that does not use the word Sh*t but does kinda use at the same time, DONT LET YOUR KIDS WATCH! There is parental blocks on TV now! Block it from them!

But just know this…that while your trying to stop them from hearing the word Sh*t, they are looking at porn. Trust me. Somewhere, somehow, they are looking at porn. So really your fighting a winless battle.


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