Dieting for Food Addicts

AS much fun as Movies, and Television, and Sports are to talk about, as they say, you ain’t got nothing if you don’t have your health.  As you can see above, we have added a new category here at the Program, and will be supplying you with articles on a semi-regular basis all revolving around the issue of Health.

Today’s first article for our Health Section comes from our new contributor “The Edible Woman”.  She is starting things off today with some helpful tips for those of you who are addicted to food, yet still trying to find that perfect way to Diet.


I am addicted to food.  I dream about it, I lust after it, I medicate my moods with it.  I have a food for every emotion that I feel.  I also love to cook, to entertain, to revel in all that is food.  I am a foodie.
Needless to say, when that time comes, and it always does, when I need to find my self control and limit my indulgences, I once again embark  on the painful journey of The Diet.  I am a professional dieter- I know all the rules.  But every time, I am hit by the same wall of deprivation, anxiety, and well, full fledged depression.    There ARE ways to get through this pain!  I have compiled a list of tips for all of you!  It doesn’t include what type of salad to make or how much cardio you need, but real tips to get you through the day without pulling into a drive-through.  I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

1. Weather the storm. You have an addiction.  It is no different than quitting smoking.  Plan on the first few days being your own personal hell.  Especially Day 2.  You need to distract yourself.  Plan the first few days of your diet when you have nothing else going on, and keep yourself distracted.  This does not mean keep yourself busy by visiting friends or doing food-related things.  Keep a low profile but do what it takes to distract yourself from eating.  Do your laundry, clean your house, rent a movie.  Realize that you will go through withdrawal and be prepared.

2. Fiber , fiber, fiber! Buy fiber pills and take them with every meal.  You will feel bloated at first, but the fiber will trick your stomach into thinking its full.  A great tactic for an insatiable appetite!

3. Have a plan. Write a meal plan for the week, and do it when you’re full.  Do not trust yourself to make good decisions when on your diet.  And keep it simple.  The more boring it is, the easier it will be to resist second helpings!

4. Coffee= energy. You will feel a little dull for the first little while.  Use coffee as a pick me up instead of binging on sugar.

5. Eat a ton of fruit. Trust me, you cannot eat enough fruit to make yourself fat.  The fiber will stop you.  Eat as much as possible and you will never feel hungry.  The little sugar kick it gives you will keep you going during the day.

6. If you have a terrible day, sacrifice exercise but do NOT sacrifice diet. Diet is more important, and much more difficult to get back on track.  If you have an off day, do not let it be your excuse to binge.

7. Weigh yourself every day. Many diet plans frown upon this, but I find it keeps me motivated.  I celebrate every .2 of a pound I lose, and I’m accountable for any I gain!  It will fluctuate but it keeps you focused on your diet.

8. Do not buy diet food. This is pointless because not only does it usually have too many calories anyways, it really won’t satisfy you.  Come to terms with being on a diet.

9. If you must cheat, do NOT cheat with sugar. Keep your blood sugar stable at all costs.  Otherwise see #1, as you will be back in your personal hell.  It is better to disrupt your diet with a burger than having a chocolate bar.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for more…

The Edible Women

Look for more articles on Health in the very near future.


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2 Responses to Dieting for Food Addicts

  1. mary says:

    Great Advice! Really good idea about the “if you need to cheat” thing..

  2. Jake says:

    Thanks for the tips. Trying to lose fat and build muscle so I will keep these in mind.

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