Game 3’s – Celtics vs Magic, Suns vs Lakers

Has this been a crappy playoff season or what?

What has been the best playoff series so far? Celtics vs Cavs? And even then it was filled with blow outs and over in six. Ugh. The potential was there for the 2010 playoffs, but it just has not happened. Sure, Lakers vs Celtics should be good, but a good playoff season involves more than one high quality series.

Anyone else shocked by what’s happening in the Celtics vs Magic series? Not by the fact that the Celtics are going to win it, because I did make that call here. But by the fact that they are about to SWEEP it! We must remember that Orlando was destroying everyone in the final weeks of the season, and that they beat the Celtics I believe 3 out of 4 times during the year. Add in the domination over the Bobcats and the Hawks….and I really did think this was going to be a tight series that could go ether way.

What I assume is happening is that the Celtics have really done the “save it for when it counts” thing to perfection. I know that injuries also played a factor during the regular season, but I think we can agree that it appeared these Celtics were too old and too worn out to be serious contenders. But oh how they fooled us! As well as fooled the Cavs and now the Magic. Instead of looking like the worn old team with chemistry issues that they presented just two months ago, now they look like the Championship team from two season ago…BUT BETTER! Looks like they knew how to turn it on at the EXACT right time.

I am going to be honest with you, Lakers vs Celtics could go ether way. But right now with the way the Celtics are destroying the Magic, my money is on the Celtics.

And yes, I am still saying Lakers. Despite the Suns making it 2-1 tonight, I still think this is over in 5, maybe 6. Now, I do want you to understand, I am a Nash fan. I want to see the Suns win. Nothing will make me happier than to find out that I am wrong. But I doubt that I am.

The one thing that happened tonight for the Suns, which needs to happen 3 more time for them to have any chance here, is Amare stood up and finally decided to earn that Max Contract he is going to make in 2 months. 42 points and 11 boards sounds legit. And with Nash dropping 15 dimes, it was exactly the type of output these two needed to deliver to have any chance of beating these Lakers. Once again I ask though, can they do this 3 more times?

I want to say yes, but my money goes on no.


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