Lost – The End


For me, last nights episode of Lost was pure….wow. An emotional roller coaster that ended what I can now safely call my favorite show ever. For me personally it was always Sopranos at the number one spot, with Lost number two, but last nights finale pushed Lost past Sopranos in my all-time favorite list.

SPOILERS AHEAD by the way if you have not seen last nights episode yet

I am sure that last nights episode, just like the show itself, will have a wide range of reactions from the viewers. Some of you will have loved it like I did. Some of you will be a little bit disappointing. Some of you might have just flat out disliked it. And that’s cool. But we can all agree that Lost, and everything that came with it, was a once in a lifetime type of show. The huge, frustrating mythology, and the questions and lack of answers is so unique to this show, and something that was so enjoyable, and again, also so frustrating. But if you needed some final answers last night, I am guessing you might have fallen on the “disappointing” side of the fence.

For me personally, I didn’t need answers. Truth be told, I stopped needing them a while ago. There was a time in the Lost saga where I was just about ready to give up on the show, early season 3 to be exact, but something happened to the way the Lost story was told around that same time. Once the producers of Lost set an end date, when they announced Lost would end in season 6, the storytelling itself shifted from a very slow, snail moving pace, into a more urgant vibe, and all of a sudden every episode and storyline had more direction. Getting off the Island, stopping the time shifts, blowing up the island, stopping the MIB… It all had more focus and urgency after that end date was announced. And for me, it had become more and more about just watching and enjoying what it was that they WERE giving me, instead of what they were NOT giving me. IF you went into last nights episode with a check-list of questions you needed to be resolved, then you would have been disappointed. I have not had a check-list for a few seasons now, which is why I have enjoyed every part of this season including last night.

Last nights episode was very season 6 specific. What I mean by that is, last night was about two things, everyone coming to the realization that they were dead, and finding a way to kill the MIB. Two story lines that were created in season 6 (or end of season 5 for the MIB thing). Very little else, storyline and mystery wise, from previous seasons was dealt with last night. And again that was ok for me. Watching the losties have those awakenings was mind blowing, especially the ones for Jin/Sun, Locke, Claire/Kate/Charlie, and of course the final one for Jack. It’s funny that even up until Jack spoke with his dad, I was still confused by what the heck the flash sideways was. And it’s even more funny that after a season where the flash sideways seemed pointless and slightly boring (with a few exceptions of course) the Flash Sideways stuff last night was easily my favorite part. PLUS, I did have the theory that it was an epilogue, which was sorta true (I thought it would be one event that sent them all to the flash sideways. It was one event, death, but not at the same time).

Now, back to the answers thing, I understand some peoples frustration by the lack of answers and explainations. The way I look at it is if the creators wanted to present a mystery, they also need to present an answer. And it seemed like they just got in over there heads in the amount of mysteries they created. That they could not deal with every little issue they brought up, and still tell the story the way it had always been told. So yes, that is one fault that this show will always have. But it’s just not a fault that I am that bothered about. Because I rather them tell the story the way it had always been told then to go and answer every question I had. It was the storytelling that has hooked me, and thats what I care about the most. Last night delivered that in spades.

I am going to shortly start to review TV show seasons. And Lost is certainly going to be something I will be reviewing in the months ahead, so I will get into more specific details at that point. But let me just say, that for me specifically, this show is one of the all time greats, and last nights ending is what put Lost into that “all-time” great spot.

SEASON SIX MVP- Before last night I was going to go with ether Locke, Ben, Hurley or Jack, and truth be told I would have picked Ben, because while he was not a HUGE part of this season, every time he was involved it was magic to watch. BUT after last night, how can you go with anyone else then Jack. Jack went from being slightly annoying the past few seasons, to being neck and neck with Locke as the best character this show has produced. Seriously, watching him die in the jungle in the same spot he “woke up” in after the crash way back in season one, episode one…amazing.


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34 Responses to Lost – The End

  1. Thomas says:

    GREAT ending. Very emotional. I didn’t need a checklist completed ether. Any idea on why the dog ran up to Jack though?

  2. Penny says:


  3. Poppalovesyou says:

    Crazy crazy ending. I don’t know where I rank this in the all-time endings though. Any ideas on how this ranks up with some of the other all time best?

    • I have the overall episode as the best ever. But I will still put Six Feet Under as best last scene. BUT lost is a VERY close second.

      • Amy says:

        I never thought I would find someone else who has said Six Feet Under was the best final ending, of any show…ever, especially comparing it to Lost. 🙂 I’ve said it many times too and I doubt another show will ever have as great of an ending as SFU. If you are one of those people who need definitive endings that answer everything, SFU was the show for you! Lost, overall, will still forever be in my heart though. 🙂

  4. Mary says:

    I still want to know what the deal with Walt is!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAALT

  5. leonard says:

    SO what was the deal with the time travel then? how could the island move through time?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently it was the electromagnetic force. Remember when the “Man in Black” was building a wheel, and he told his mother that when he’s finished building it, he will turn it and will be able to get off the island. And she said “How do you know that for sure?” and he said he doesn’t really know but he’s going to try anyways. Then she knocked him out and killed the people in his village. Well in the future scenes, the wheel was completed and once Benjamin turned it, the island moved and they started moving through time and space.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Err… are you crazy? That episode was shockingly shit. What about the numbers??? and the polar bears??? and the millions of other unanswered questions?

    • poppalovesyou says:

      Who cares about the questions. The episode was still great.

      • Steve says:

        “Who cares about the questions…the episode was still great” you say.. I say… that’s just bizzare to me. If you make a six year show with great characters, NOT playing chess for 6 years on the island, but totally involved in life and death situations BASED around plot lines that were wild, weird, and kept most of us tuned in…ONLY to simply DROP most of them and go with an ending with pure emotion. I’m not going to read a book (let alone watch 120 hours of a 6-year TV Series) which throws plot line after plot line in the book…keeps me wanting to read it until the end..and then…take a sideways turn and totally dismiss most of those as “meaningless”???????? Just don’t get you people. The LOST fans are split. About 50% of us see it like me. 40% like you…and about 10% are just damned confused! I don’t think that’s very good writing, if that’s the end result. No way.

        • Zergqueen says:

          I totally agree with Steeve. I could stay here all day and argue with many of you who believe the show’s ending was perfect, but honestly I don’t have the time or the desire to do that. Just ask yourselves, how many of you are going to watch this show again, knowing that in the end all the suspense and the situations that the characters found themselves in are going to lead to this finale??? I honestly didn’t give a rat’s ass about the fact that they found eachother in heaven, after all that’s what all ppl do, they eventually die and (hopefylly) reunite with their loved ones. If this was a show of science VS faith, the writers were incapable of handling the science part, so they just threw us a big bone of faith in the end. I believe the writters spat in our faces and some of you just refuse to wipe it off.

    • Korm says:

      The numbers were A) part of a scientific equation that predicted the end of the world. The Dharma initiative’s goal was to change one of the numbers through a scientific breakthrough.
      See: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Valenzetti_Equation
      ALSO, they were associated with the Final Six of Jacob’s candidates:
      see: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lighthouse under “names and bearings.”

      The Polar Bears were brought by Dharma as a zoological experiment. http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Polar_bear

      There are answers in the detail of the show, you just have to look for them.

      • mary says:

        I am with you Korm, a lot of the answers are out there in the show itself. Just gotta look.

        Although, to be fair, the numbers thing was something people find out about online, that was never addressed in the show itself.

  7. dianelf77 says:

    You are right – no list of questions was needed! And I guessed exactly what the ending scene would be – I think many of us did! And it was so poignant to see gorgeous Boone again, and Shannon & Sayid together again! I cried buckets of tears for so many different reasons…I shall be lost now, set adrift on the ocean of lesser shows…

  8. Uvzzz says:

    I also lost interest around season 3, and it was also knowing when the ending was gonna be that i decided to get back into it. And it was either season 3 or 4, it was the season they had the writers strike, where things suddenly started to move at a MUCH faster pace trying to cram 24 episodes of story down to about 16 episodes. Since then the story has been kept at that fast and exciting pace IMO.

    Wasnt too happy at first, wasnt sure if i understood it or not, but reading some of the 15,000+ comments has helped me appreciate it more n more, but ofcourse there are still some mysteries left unanswered:
    # The statue with the 4 toes
    # The light – why jack had no ill effects like MIB
    no point carrying on this list really as there are too many!

    one other thing, just something i find interesting:
    *Christian Shephard likely refers to the idea of the “Good Shepherd” in Christianity thought and imagery, and Jesus Christ specifically.
    *Jack is known as short for Jacob
    *Jack is the son of Christian. Son of Christ? A possible hint that Jack is either messianic or the messiah.
    *In the second season, after performing a miracle on Sarah, his first wife, hmmm, a messianic character performing miracles – interesting!!
    *Women on the island die while pregnant, in or near the second trimester. Early in season one, we learn that Jack couldn’t save a woman who bled to death because of a mistake made by his father. That woman turned out to be pregnant. Most likely in or near her second trimester. Does Jack/Jacob still ruminate over the pregnant woman he couldn’t save? And is that imprinted on the island?
    *Jacks Tatoo : He walks among us, but is not one of us

    • IBSU says:

      What was with “Jack’s son”??? and Juliet being the mother???

    • Anonymous says:

      In regards to Jack not being affected by the light like the Man in Black did.. The mom said something about greed and the reasons men would fight over the light. Jack had only the purest intentions whereas the Man in Black did not.

  9. One thing I want to mention that I didn’t in the post…

    The lack of answers should be something you should judge the SHOW ITSELF on. Not the last episode. If you didn’t get answers, then the show didn’t provide them over the course of 6 seasons. But as for the last episode, when looked at as just an episode, I thought it was fantastic. I am annoyed at some of the questions not being addressed, but that doesn’t take away from the last episode itself.

  10. Jackson says:

    This is a good thread that explains things for those people who are having a hard time grasping what it all meant.

  11. debred says:

    in answer to the ” why was vincent with jack?” question i believe back in the first ever episode jack lay in that spot and opened an eye and vincent ran over to him, the sam shoe was hanging in the tree too – clever hey!
    RIP lost, you will be sadly missed xx

  12. Leslie says:

    Why is Aaron in the church with Claire and Charlie as a baby? Kate had him in the forwards up to age three?

    I assume the clothes that they have on in the church are different because it’s what they were buried in.

    Loved the finale on the 2nd viewing. Many things I missed or overlooked not knowing their signifigance at the time. It will be missed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some questions dont need answers but this one????????
    when somebody pull the wheel (benjamin n lock) then they disappear n then appear in a desert in tunesia!!!!????????? out of island …..wht was that lol
    any idea guys ????????????/

  14. Dissilusioned and wasted! says:

    We were duped in the end by 5.9 series worth of pure class…
    yes a reasonable end, but there were so many things integral to the whole story that should have been explained… I’m all for ambiguity, but there was so much effort spent on mysteries to draw us in, that the amount of answers were totally inadequate… I felt duped!

  15. sulietluvya says:

    loved the end. LOVED IT. for those of you who didn’t like it, you might be more interested in the mythology of it, but since I was more character-oriented, I thought that episode was the best possible way that Lost could end. my favorite character reunion was sawyer and juliet, and the best mystery solved (however meager it may have been) was David’s mother being Juliet. I guess I just really like Juliet 🙂

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