The Final Jack Bauer Power Hour

Poor 24. It deserved better than this. Lost in the hype of another show that just ended last night, at least for me personally (that show of course being the first word of this sentence). When 24 started we witnessed something new to television, a full blown action movie that was 24 hours long (minus commercials) and that came in installments over the course of 24 weeks (minus repeats). 24’s second season kicked that concept up a notch, while the third and forth redefined the format. And then that fifth season. For me, that fifth season was the perfect season of 24. And in a perfect world, that is when it also would have ended. If Lost has taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing wrong with setting an end date. And my hope for any outstanding show is that it always ends on a high note. The fifth season of 24 was that high note. An entire season about the death of one of the greatest television characters in David Palmer, as well as seeing a number of great 24 characters getting bumped off (excluding Tony Almedia, I know he came back, but regardless that season five “death” was the only imperfect part of the season).

But 24 didn’t end there. Along came season six, seven and now eight. And along with those seasons came the inevitable vibe of “been there, done that” which is unfortunate, but really there was no way around it. In the first five seasons they had done everything. I guess setting off a nuke in the first four episodes of season six was different, but those first four episodes were the only good part of the worst season of 24. Once they had truly done everything once, the magic started to die out for this great series. And yes, it is a great series. Nothing can take away the first five seasons. And yes, seasons seven and eight certainly had moments, and certainly was enjoyable in large chunks. But….it just wasn’t the same.

Now, let’s not dwell too much here. Like I had mentioned in my previous Jack Bauer Power Hour post, I have been enjoying this season very much from about the half-way point all the way until the end of tonight’s episode. Even though it lacked that magic, it was still good television. Watching Jack go freakin’ crazy was great stuff. I was so happy to see Logan get back in the mix, and he did not disappoint. EVEN FREDDIE PRINCE JR was fine with me! The mid-season 2 hour night with Hassan getting killed off was a two episode stretch that stands with some of the best 24 has had to offer. And tonight’s episode was a very good SEASON finale. I know, it was actually a series finale, but it was not good enough for that. Sorry, but a good series finale would have seen Tony return, and Kim get back into the mix, and maybe Audrey, and really would have delivered something that would blow our minds. Tonight didn’t blow my mind.

And here was the big problem…series finales are usually good-byes. This is our last chance to see these characters in action. Lost last night was a series finale. We know that that is it for seeing Jack, Locke Hurley and so on. But for 24, we know that we have not seen the last of Jack Bauer. Instead of waiting for his return in January, we now wait for his return on the big screen. Tonight was a very good ending, but we know that it’s not THE ending. And that knowledge is what kept tonight’s finale from really being the type of finale this series deserved.

Want to know my other problem with this whole “movie already being planned” thing? We knew that Jack would survive tonight. NO way they are going to make a 24 movie without the Bauer Power. So instead of looking for closure during the final chunk of the episode, I was more looking for the cliffhanger. How are they going to leave it for the movie, It’s too bad, because they almost presented the perfect way for Jack to get killed off. IF I didn’t know about the movie, and actually thought Jack could get killed off, I would have been Sh*tting my pants when Chloe had the gun on him. Seriously, that might have been the perfect way to do it. Jack killed by the one person who cared about him the most in the world. The one person who helped him out more than anyone in the past 5 seasons (Chloe came in Season Three). If there was a way to properly kill off Jack, that was it!

So in the end, I give season 8 a thumbs up, but that thumb has been getting tired. That thumb has seen the formula being used past the expiration date. And that thumb is NOT happy that Jack went crazy due to Renee being killed. SERIOUSLY, RENEE??? There relationship was THAT strong for Jack to go ballistic? Yes, I liked Jack going nuts, but what set him off I have MAJOR issues with. Bring back Audrey for the season and kill her off…THAT I would understand. Kill Kim (although that might be too much) but RENEE???

Anyhow, I am going to give this season it’s proper review once it’s released on Blu-Ray. One thing I noticed from all previous 24 seasons is that this show is actually better watching it in large chunks, which is provided by getting the box set. Even season six was bumped up from being horrible when I watched it on TV, to being just bad when watching it on DVD. So let me do this one right. Let me get the blu-ray, and give you guys my thoughts on it in the fashion that this show should be watched. As one long action movie.

24 introduced us to that concept. And introduced us to Jack Bauer. And for those two things, regardless of what happened over the course of the eight seasons, it should be remembered as being one of televisions all-time greats.

Goodbye Jack. See you in 2 years at the movie theater.

SEASON MVP – Besides the obvious choice of Jack, I will give Logan the spot as co-MVP, and give Omar Hassan, who was the real bright spot in the first half of the season, the runner-up spot. Some great acting provided by Keifer, Gregory Itzin and Anil Kapoor


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3 Responses to The Final Jack Bauer Power Hour

  1. peterson143 says:

    Good bye Jack, we will miss you.

  2. poppalovesyou says:

    UMM…that was it?? Another Jack on the run ending? COME ON! Did anyone like this?

  3. mary says:

    If chloe killed jack…that would have been CRAZY. my heart was beating hard during that part

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