Facebook wants to know EVERYTHING about you!

We all love Facebook, or at least, most of us do I think. We love checking in on it once in awhile, seeing those status updates on what is going on in the lives of fellow Facebook friends. Seeing if someone posted the pictures from their vacation to Mexico. Taking the time to delete all the spam in the inbox and event section. We all love it, don’t we.

But perhaps we all don’t love it. Anyone out there actually bothered by the Privacy issues that have been going on with Facebook the past little while? I am personally not, but I am guessing that some of you are. And while it doesn’t bother me, I can certainly understand why some of you WOULD be ticked off. Having all the details about yourself and your interests available for anyone to see, that would certainly bother some people. Now, while Facebook has done some steps to allow more security on what you allow others to know about you, it’s obvious that Facebook would prefer that you didn’t hide anything. Why? Because Facebook is a business. A billion dollar one at that. Think of the millions and millions and millions of people that use Facebook every day. 500 Million members currently to be exact. Now think about how much advertisers paid for commercials during the Lost finale on Sunday when they knew they would get a large audience watching. A 30 second spot cost them around $900,000.  That Lost audience is a VERY small fraction of the number of people who view Facebook everyday! So if they paid $900,000 for the Lost audience, how much do you think they would pay for 50 times that viewership?

Newsweek put it best“The truth is, Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) needs your data. His business is built upon it. The most important thing to understand about Facebook is that you are not Facebook’s customer, you are its inventory. You are the product Facebook is selling. Facebook’s real customers are advertisers. You, as a Facebook member, are useful only because you can be packaged up and sold to advertisers. The more information Facebook can get from you, the more you are worth. In response, a FB spokesman told me: “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

So I am curious to find out if the fact that Facebook wants to use you to make money bothers you? Obviously, this is not something new to the world of business, but I guess with Facebook we had always thought that we had our own little private section on the net that we could keep to ourselves. And Facebook certainly has other ideas for that. As proven by the privacy policy….

“In 2005 Facebook’s privacy policy was one sentence long and said that none of your information would be shared with anyone who wasn’t in one of your groups. Today the policy is longer than the U.S. Constitution and requires a lawyer to parse its meaning. Why doesn’t Facebook just use its original one-sentence policy? I’ll take a wild guess and say advertisers, not members, were the driving force here.”

But look, if you went from being a college kid dreaming of making a million, to a 26 year old about to make a billion, you might just make a few modifcations to the privacy policy as well. Can you really blame him?


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