Game 4’s – Celtics, Magic, Lakers, Suns

We can tonight at least say that things are slightly more interesting then they were when I last posted about the game 3’s.

First things first, let’s not get ahead of ourselves in hoping to see the first team ever to rebound to win a series after being in the hole 3-0. The Magic got one. And this should not be surprising. It would have been surprising if the Magic got swept! But even with the Magic finally getting a W, Boston is in complete control, and I fully expect them to win. EVEN if the Magic can take game five, Boston will still be in control, and I will still fully expect them to win.

That being said, if the Magic do win the next game, at that point can we entertain the thoughts of a team coming back from 3-0 in the hole. While game six would be in Boston, Orlando would at least have some momentum and building confidence going into that game, and Boston does NOT want a game seven in Orlando after coughing up a 3-0 lead. So let’s see what happens tomorrow.

NOW on to that other series…and yes, that is now officially a SERIES! Thank goodness. We need some sort of excitement here, these playoffs so far have been HORRIBLE. The Suns have protected home court, just like the Lakers did, and now head to LA with some confidence. Second game in a row that Stoudemire brought the goods, and the Phoenix bench flexed it’s muscle tonight to get this win. Plus the defense on the Lakers was something like a cross between a football blitz, and a chicken running around with it’s head cut off. But it worked!

Here is my concern for the Suns, because regardless of what has happened in Phoenix I still safely predict a Lakers series win…The Lakers missed a lot of 3’s. Phoenix decided to focus on Kobe and Pau, and took there chances with the other Lakers players. Worked tonight. But if those other players start to hit there shots, that is trouble for the Suns. On top of that, will the Suns 3’s be dropping once they get back on the road? Game five in LA is a must win for the Suns IMO, because they are eventually going to need to get one on the road. And while in the past they have beat the Lakers in a 7th game of a series, I just don’t see Kobe sulking in the second half like he did in that game seven from a few years ago.

So…safely keep your money on a Celtics vs Lakers finals, but things did get more interesting tonight in at least one of the series.


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