Sex in the City from a Man’s Perspective – Episode 1×1

With the television season finishing off, we need to find something to continue to fill your television fix! One of the shows that some of you might feel as one of the great TV shows of all-time is called Sex in the City. And I think that is also a show that very few straight men have ever attempted to watch all the way from episode one straight to the end. AND THAT is my mission! I have accepted the challenge and I will attempt to watch every episode of this show. I will be posting my thoughts on the episodes, from a Man’s Perspective of course. So make sure you check back for this one.

Gentlemen….wish me luck.

So here is what I know so far. I know that there is the four girls who are all single for most of the show. And that they talk about relationships. ALOT. And one likes to have sex. ALOT. I know about Bigg. I don’t understand the appeal he has to women, but I know that the character exists. And I also know that this is a well made show, but just one that generally appeals to women and gay men. And that there was a movie, with another coming out this week.  I truthfully have seen a few episodes of the show with my girlfriend, and that I was usually not bored to tears by it. BUT, on the flip side, if I never saw another epsiode, that would be ok with me.

But I did see another episode. Episode one to be exact, titled “Sex in the City”. First thing I want to mention right off the bat is that this episode looked like CRAP! Seriously. It already looks dated and just not very well put together in the editing room. Having Carrie do the voice overs is fine, but I hope they get rid of the whole “talking to the camera” stuff, because that just doesn’t fit here.

But let’s talk about the ladies shall we? We have Charlotte who is already getting on my nerves with her Harlequin style hopes and dreams. We have Miranda who is a bit of a bi*ch. We have Carrie….and to be honest I don’t know what to make of Carrie, as she is just kind of there, even as the star of the show. She has this supposed great insight into the world of relationships (she seems to know what she is talking about in the voice overs), yet she can’t put together the easy observation that some men are just jerks. And some women are as well. That quick tale at the start of the episode about a girl who meets a rich guy, and the rich guy talks about buying homes and treating her right, until he never wants to talk to her again, basically leading her on. Well guess what that guy is. That guy is a jerk. Simple. There is a lot of them out there. But here is Carrie that seems to think that there is more to this then the simple fact that some people are idiots.

And here is what three of these ladies main problem. Expectations that are out of wack. They complain about men treating sex in a certain way, which is basically pure physical and no emotional connection afterwards. Umm…if your having sex with a man right after meeting him, what kind of emotional connection is he suppose to have with you?? Are they complaining that guys are not lovey dovey after sex and talking about hopes and dreams? YOU JUST TOOK HIM HOME FROM A CLUB, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? And if it’s a guy who leads women on like the guy from the opening story, then he is a jerk. And I hate to break this to you Carrie and Charlotte, but there is a lot of them out there. Both Male and Female.

And notice that the one character that DOESN’T complain is the one that actually does have “sex like a man”? I think I already have my favorite character in Samantha. She knows what she wants, and thats it. No complaining. No over analyzing. She just does it. Basically the complete opposite of Charlotte. Of Charlotte wants love, that’s fine. Go get it. But if you think some rich guy who is known as being a playboy is going to give it to you, and he doesn’t, let me say it one more time….WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? That’s called being delusional. Time to lower those expectations it appears, because winning over playboys in one date just doesn’t seem to be realistic.

And one last thing, this “Sex like a Man” thing. I don’t buy it. Sure there is a lot of guys that do the wham bam thank you ma’am thing. But here we have Samantha doing just that. So is she an exception to the rule? Because I know that if I spent a night with someone, and enjoyed my time with them, if I saw them at a bar with someone else the next night (like Carrie saw another women with the dude who wanted to be a friend with benefits) I would feel a tinge of jealousy as well. There is no such thing as “Sex like a Man”! Guys do it like that. Girls also do it like that. And both girls AND GUYS can be hurt if it happens to them.

My suggestion so far for these ladies…wake up!

EPISODE MVP – Samantha. For realizing what she wants and not over analyzing everything.


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  1. brenda says:

    Interesting. I have to rewatch that episode sometime to see if I agree.

  2. loverboy says:


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