The Classics – Swingers

Favreau and Vaughn. A team that has been making movies together for around 15 years, started all the way back with 1992’s Rudy, and also includes Made, The Break-Up, Couples Retreat and Four Christmases. Most of these movies unfortunately have been more miss than hit, but for the tag team of Favreau and Vaughn, they did have one moment in the sunshine together. It came in the form of a movie that didn’t make the most money back in 96, but certainly had everyone talking about it once they discovered it.That movie is Swingers.

A slice of life comedy about a couple of mid 20 singles in the LA club scene, Swingers had a very low budget and a very “indie” feel to the movie. And that lack of money, and indie vibe both directly contributed to what made this movie such a great one. You really felt a close connection to the characters of Mike and Trent. You felt the pain Mike was going through with his breakup. You felt how cool “Double Down” Trent was. You REALLY felt pain everytime Mike left another message on that girls answering machine. You felt like going to a swing club the minute the movie was finished. You felt what these characters were experiencing in LA, the good and the bad, and you knew that this was really happening somewhere out in the world, and that you wanted to be a part of it.

At one point in time I had this movie as my number 1 movie overall. Since that time, a few other movies have leapfrogged over Swingers to remove it from that top spot, but the fact that I still put this movie up in the ranks of Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Godfather, Apocolypse Now, The Shining and others as some of my all-time favorites, should be a sign on just how money I think this movie is.

And remember blackjack fans….You always double down on 11.

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