Game 5’s – Celtics, Magic, Lakers, Suns

NOW we can start to talk about a 0-3 comeback.

I mentioned previously after game four that it was still waaay too early to entertain the thoughts of the Magic coming back from being down 3-0, but today we can start to talk about it. Because now the momentum is clearly on the Magic’s side. What ever it was that was messing them up in the first 3 games is gone, and with that, this series is legit. BUT….I am going to say it again, this is the Celtics series to lose. With the Magic still needing to win two in a row, and the next game being in Boston, the Celtics are still in control.

I know that Game 6 is truly a must win for only the Magic, as the Celtics still would have one more chance, but a game 7 in Orlando and with a Magic team that would be feeling VERY good about getting it to that point, I feel that Game 6 in Boston is also a must win. If Boston loses the next one, I am predicting a Magic win in 7.

So how is the Magic getting back into this? Well, they are a team that lives and dies by the 3. They are so good at shooting the long ball, that they usually win. But when that shot is not falling, they struggle. The first 3 games the shot was not falling. And now it is. For the Magic to win, that needs to continue for 2 games straight. For the Celtics, they just need to get back to what they were doing before, and playing stiffling D, and efficent offense. Ray Allen needs to have a big game.

But yes, again we can start to entertain the thoughts of a 0-3 comeback!

Now for the Suns vs Lakers. Well…the Suns had there chance. They were THIS close. But good night Suns. Because even if they pull out game six, they are not getting game seven. Great come back though from the Suns tonight to give themselves a chance. Nash with 29/11 is huge!

But what we are seeing here from all four teams is that no one is being dominant in the semi-finals. It looked like it would be the Celtics vs Lakers at the top of there games, and I still think its Celtics vs Lakers, but they are not playing at the top of there games anymore. The Lakers I guess now have the edge over all the other three teams, but really it’s not that much of a difference.

What we can be thankful for is that both of these series have gone from domination from two of the teams, to two series that COULD go the distance. For the sake of drama I hope to see both go the distance.


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