And the early word on the new Prince Of Persia movie is…

Decent…for a video game adaptation.

Not a glowing review I know, but the reviews are coming in for the movie, and that is pretty much the consensus. has the movie currently sitting at 41%, with 56 positive reviews, and 80 negative reviews. And from what I hear, it sounds like it’s a typical Jerry Bruckheimer produced film…all style, little substance.

Jerry Bruckheimer is a guy who likes his movies to look good. Forget about the movie touching anyone emotionally, just make sure that it looks good. Which  means that his movies can be entertaining that first time you watch it. There are typical popcorn movies. He had his hand involved with Con Air, The Rock, Armageddon, Gone in 60 seconds, Pearl Harbour, Bad Boys 1 and 2, National Treasure, National Treasure, and Enemy of the State. Sure, you might have enjoyed SOME of these movies, but I assume that enjoyment came from the style the movie presented and nothing more (To be fair, he has made some good ones in my opinion in Beverly Hills Cop, Black Hawk Down and Pirates of the Carribean). This guy has an opinion on how movies should look, and that opinion easily outwieghs what his opinion is on how movies should CONNECT with an audience.

HEY, I am all for popcorn flicks. Go to a movie, sit for a few hours and be entertained. And when you leave, you don’t give much thought to the experience and you move on to your next activity of the evening. But I just don’t understand why you can’t make a movie thats both entertaining AND gives you some additional thought to the experience afterwards. Something of high enough quality that the experience stays with you longer then getting out of the movie theater. The original Iron Man is a great example of a Pop Corn movie done right.

So this is just a heads of on Prince of Persia….you might be entertained for the two hours, but it will be only for the eye candy.



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