I’m Heidi Montag – NOT Heidi Pratt

“I’m Heidi Montag- NOT Heidi Pratt”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, reigning king and queen of cheesy reality tv, have found a clever way to break into media headlines once again.  Heidi is reportedly moving out and leaving Spencer, and is adamant to Tweet “ I am Heidi Montag, not Heidi Pratt”.  Could this be for real?

Apparently Heidi is tired of all of the bad press that is generated by Spencer, and is finished with his controlling ways.  It makes us all wonder what made Heidi go under the knife for 10 surgeries in one day.  Or why she has alienated herself from her friends and family.

We’ve all met girls like Heidi in our lives- insecure, desperate for love, and easily controlled.  Maybe it was your best friend, or our sister, our mother, someone that we looked at with pity and watched them slowly spiral into oblivion.  How have those women managed not to suffer a similar demise to our very own Heidi Montag?  They had the people around them to pull them out!

Those of you who devour your guilty pleasure of the Hills season after season become Lauren Conrad followers and wonder how that “evil Heidi” could abandon her for that tasteless Spencer.  But was that really how we should have seen it?  Lauren watched her best friend be whisked away by a crazy man who convinced her to turn herself into modern day “Barbie” Cindy Jackson wannabe.  Lauren had Audrina and Lo, but who did Heidi have but constant disapproval from the little pack of mean girls who constantly rejected her?  Even Spencer’s own sister abandoned her to go over to the dark side. 

And so we look at sad, fish-lipped Heidi and we need to wonder- did she do this to herself or did we allow this to happen to her?  Can she pick herself up again?

The answer is who cares. They are both idiots.


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