Game 6’s – Celtics, Magic, Lakers Suns

Thanks for taking the drama out of the semi-finals Lakers and Celtics. We all knew it would come down to you two, but would it have killed you to have done it in 7?

The Celtics of course defeated the Magic 4-2 to move on towards the Celtics 2nd championship appearance in 3 years. Really, it was an easy series with for Boston. You can say whatever you want about Orlando getting two in a row, but the fact that Boston destroyed them for a few games, and finished it in six should tell you something about this Boston team. Orlando swept Atlanta and avged 25 point leads in doing so. This Orlando team was built for the championship. What Boston did to the Cavs in round 2, and now the Magic is shocking!

Ok….maybe not shocking. They look like the Championship team from 2 years ago, so now that they have regained form, it won’t shock me at all if they win the championship. But a month and a half ago it was questionable if they would have been even able to beat the Heat. My how things have changed.

The Magic missed Turkoglu. I say that fullying hating the Turkster today after him saying he wants out of Toronto, but I can also tell it like it is. Forget about Turkoglus crappy season in Toronto, that was due to lack of effort. Turk was a big part of Orlandos success last year, and Vince Carter is Vince Carter. A guy who can get you some big games, but you won’t win a championship with him on the team.

NOW, Lakers vs Suns. And sorry, I again don’t have much to say on this one. I predicted Lakers in 5, it took them 6. Not really a big deal to be honest though. The Suns used a crazy blitz zone defence that will work from time to time, but if you can hit your threes, you can beat it. And the Lakers started to hit their 3’s.

By the way, Artest is kinda odd isn’t he? He complains about lack of respect because Steve Nash said that the Suns would bring it back to LA for game seven….WHAT else was Nash suppose to say? Perhaps Nash shouldn’t have worded it the way he did, but that’s only because it fired up the Lakers even more. That was not a sign of disrespect in any which way shape or form. I think Artest feels the heat for being the weak link in the team.

This is too bad though. I am a Nash fan, and it would have been nice to see him get one championship in his career. I knew it was not going to happen here, but if the Suns got this to a game seven then anything can happen in one game. Oh well.

So Celtics vs Lakers….again. You know, the NBA is getting kinda boring these years. Always the same teams. Boring unless your a Celtics or Lakers fan, then you will be loving this. AND certainly not boring when it comes to the actual games, this series should be GOOD. It better be, because with the lack of game 7’s in the semis, this playoff year is becoming one of the worst in the past ten.

I will get my official Celtics vs Lakers championship preview up in a day or two. Look out for it.

28 down, 2 remain.


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