The aftermath of Lost

They said they wouldn’t make a Sopranos ending. And while they never cut to black like in the Sopranos, the producers of Lost certainly opened up a massive debate about their ending as well. As much as they tried to avoid the Sopranos ending, they are knee deep in the middle of it.

So what am I seeing? I am seeing literally about half of the Lost fans who really liked it like I did, and you can read my original thoughts here. And half the Lost fans who did not like the ending AT ALL. And they are very vocal about their displeasure. As time progresses though, if you went onto a Lost forum or viewed a Lost chat board online, you might think that more people disliked it then liked it. Don’t be fooled by this. The episode aired 6 days ago now, and as much as I loved it, I have not felt the need to defend it or to discuss the fact that I did love it for weeks afterwards. On the other hand, people who DISLIKED it have certainly felt the need to discuss the fact that they did not like it long after the episode aired. And that’s cool. But it really points out the fact that anger makes people speak out. Happyness leads to a quieter voice.

Now, I spoke previously about the major issue some of you might be having with the last episode, which was the lack of answers. Perhaps you had other issues, but I think the majority had a problem with this one. And as I said before, that’s cool. If you wanted answers and that was higher on the agenda than quality storytelling in that last episode, that’s fine. But let me ask you this….why is the lack of answers dictating your response to the last episode? Should it not be directed towards the show itself? Let me give you an example, if the previous episodes to the last one had dealt with EVERYTHING, answered ALL your questions, and the last episode remained the same, would you have liked it then? With your one issue out of the way, what do you think of the episode now?

The anger of the lack of questions should be directed towards the show itself, not just one episode. The SHOW didn’t answer the question about the numbers, or Walt, or the food drops. So what I am basically saying is that you might have went into the last episode expecting to find out a lot of things, and you were disappointed you didn’t. But those things could have been explained at any point in the previous 6 seasons. Your mad at the show, not the last episode.

And finally, here is something else I am noticing…people who disliked it REALLY want to prove that they are right. As I mentioned I liked it alot and  nothing is going to change that. I assume that it’s not going to change for anyone else who liked it. I might pick out faults with the episode as time progresses, but that original 2 and a half hour experience can never change. At the end of the episode you ether were happy or upset, and there is no changing that now. SO why do people who dislike it seem so hell bent on convincing others on why the ending was bad? Yes absolutely you can discuss why you didn’t like it, that’s not the issue, but there is clearly a different “tone” to the argument against the ending. Its almost a “we are right, and if you liked it, you are an idiot” feel to what they are saying.

I liked it. I liked it ALOT. And nothing can change my opinion on that. How I rank this ending compared to other series finales from different shows might change as time progresses, but the original experience of my enjoyment will never change. And I am sure that is the same for the millions or so of other Lost fans that also did enjoy it. SO certianly, to those of you who are not happy, discuss away. But just remember that your not convincing anyone.


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8 Responses to The aftermath of Lost

  1. loverboy says:

    WELL SAID. People who disliked it really need other people to agree. Not sure why.

  2. huh says:

    Loved the ending

  3. Steve K. says:

    The reason people like me are so vocal is because we feel (or rather believe) the writers largely duped us…Here’s an example I personally came up with…Please explain this one for me: IF Desmond uncorked the ‘mojo’ of the island and rendered FLOCKE POWERLESS, devoid of any ‘magic’, a mere mortal, why wouldn’t MIB have reverted to his own human form? How could he still be in the form of John Locke without any powers? He’s able to be killed, for God’s sake, wouldn’t it also prevent him from being in the form of John Locke? I think it is a good one that even an old Star Trek show actually mirrors but got it right in 1967!! I thought of that last night.

    • lovedlost says:

      Who gives a rats ass about that! The writers created a wonderful piece of 2 and a half hours of material, that was moving and touching, and your claiming that we were DUPED?? Sorry that every little detail was not explained. SURE some issues (numbers, jin/sun candidate) should have been dealt with, but you need to use your imagination with some of the issues. Your being too anal.

      GREAT show

      • Od says:

        lol what i have read its the other way.
        “if you didnt like the ending, it means u are stupid and dont understand it”
        if people who likes the ending dont wanna “argue” about it then they shouldent answere in the forums or wherever they are at right? either u answere or not.
        what people wondering most is, what did we find out at the end? that people die and meet in the “afterlife”
        offcourse u want answeres, that is the purpuse off a serie/movie.
        the writers created alot of mysteries all the time and people kept watching it because they were curious to find out about them. to use your imagination intestead?
        so that means that someone thinks god created the island and gave power to them? other maybe think aliens did that etc etc.
        isnt it better they explain why it all happend, who and what? and not let the imagination make up what every person thinks.
        it looks like the writers made mysterious things without thinking of how they can be possible and how to explain it.

        • peopleloveit says:

          I respect that you have your own opinion, but I am perfectly fine with using my imagination, and I know A LOT of people who agree with that.

  4. Od says:

    so what does your imagination say about some stuff?
    who created it all, who gave jacob the powers? where did smokey come from?
    why did they need to write thoose numbers? i know it was the numbers off jacobs “candidates” but why would dharma make them as a code u need to write for not having everything to explode? and why were there 6 off the candidates numbers since the candindates before the planecrash was more than 6?

    what me and alot others saying is that they just made stuff up without giving any explenation.
    and what i wrote above, thats just a verry few off them.

  5. Whatever says:

    Funny what you say about people needing to discuss that they didn’t like it, but what you are not saying is that the discussion comes when all those who liked it, the very moment anyone said he didn’t would go over him and tell him he was too dumb to understand it and he wasn’t a true fan. Now those who “loved it but can’t stand others didn’t” are just as vocal or even worse.

    And there you go and make a whole post about how much you like it, but the ones who go vocal about it are the others, right? xD Absurd.

    By the way I loved the ending as much as I hated it. It was great for the characters and it was nicely done. But it was very unfair with the rest of the show and a large portion of its fans. So what? Am I not allowed to talk about it just because other people “gives rats” for it?

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