What they need – Cavaliers, Bucks, Pistons, Pacers, Bulls

With the upcoming Draft around the corner, as well as the MUCH anticipated 2010 free agency, which has been hyped like the world is about to end two years before the Mayans predicted, let’s take a look at each of the 30 teams in the NBA and what I feel they need to do this off-season to make them better for the 10-11 year.

Crazy to think about how we have been hearing EVERYDAY for the past 3 years about how huge this free agency is….and here we almost are. One month away. Time flies by doesn’t it?

Now, two things I want to mention quickly about “What They Need”…

1. We will look at one division at a time, covering all the teams in that division. We are leaving the Atlantic and the Pacific until later, since two of the teams are still rocking.
2. I think that I am a pretty knowledgeable basketball guy, but please take my opinions with a grain of salt. As much as I might know about each of the 30 teams, people who get paid to follow these teams and people who live in the markets and are hardcore fans of each of these team will no doubt know more than I do. I don’t think that I am more of an expert on the Timberwolves then some hardcore b-ball fan who lives in Minnesota, just like I don’t think some basketball fan in Miami knows more about the Raps then I do. WE all have good opinions, but I am just saying that if you disagree, remember that I am certainly not thinking that I am an expert here.


So, let’s start with the Central division today….

Cleveland Cavs – Starting with a big one. What they need to do is simple…resign Lebron. Of course, what they need to do and what they can do might be two different things. So let’s analyze what happens ether way.

First thing that needed to do regardless of what happens with Lebron was to fire Mike Brown. I agree that sometimes coaches get unfair blame on the lack of success a team has, but not here. Mike Brown was clearly in over his head. The Cavs should have been an uptempo team with the group that they had. WHO is going to stop Lebron in the open court? Has he ever been stopped on the break? But Mike Brown decided to always play with a slow it down offense. That just boggled my mind to be honest. SCREW Shaq, who cares if he can catch up. And you might say “well Mike Brown was forced to use Shaq so he had to go half-court” and to that I remind you that Shaq was in Cleveland for one year. Mike Brown has been slowing it down his entire time with Lebron.

So if Lebron stays, what do they need? Perhaps not much to be honest. A new coach, a new system, and a new voice. I really do blame Mike Brown for the Cavs issues, but if anything they might want to look at in addition is getting a solid defending 2 guard, as Anthony Parker started too show his age 2 seasons ago with the Raptors. ALSO, make sure Shaq is gone for good. Just get a solid center who can defend and rebound. Varajeo thinks he his Michael Jordan, so it’s good to have him come off the bench. They need a Kendrick Perkins-ish center, and give Jamison a training camp to get into a better groove with the team.

Without Lebron…well…thats tough. They need to build around Jamison for the year, and try to get a scoring 2 guard to replace some of the productivity they lose with Lebron. With out the King, the Cavs have NO chance at a title next year, but a scoring 2 guard is what I would aim for.

Milwaukee Bucks – They need an all-star. Doesn’t matter what position, they just need an all-star. Here is a team with some nice pieces, some nice future potential in Jennings, a very good center in Bogut, and a good coach. BUT….nice pieces alone won’t get you anywhere, Jennings could be a good player but I am not sure about great, and I would NEVER build around Bogut as he is an injury risk and has had nice moments so far but not a nice career. This team needs someone else to be the man. Michael Redd was a poor version of that BUT at least he was a version of that.

Now, since we know the Bucks have no chance at a top level guy, they need to focus on the Ellis’s, and Iggy’s. A current borderline all-star who the Bucks can hope can take the next step. I KNOW that Ellis and Iggy have never lead there teams anywhere, but a change in environment, coach and system can change things. And this is the only chance the Bucks have at getting an all-star right now. IF they could try to get sneaky with sign and trades, they could target Dirk Nowitzki, but again, will Dirk pick Milwaukee over a number of other teams? Most likely not.

Chicago Bulls – Next year could be huge for the Bulls, but one thing I want you to ponder….does this team need Lebron? Or do they need low post scoring?

Yes Bulls fans, I know the prospect of getting the best player in the game today on the team is huge….BUT, this is a team that has desperately needed low post scoring FOR YEARS! Seriously, we have talked about this need for at least 5 or 6 seasons. Noah is a very nice player, but he is a rebounder and defender, not a scorer. So what i am suggesting is that they go after Bosh (as a Raps fan that hurts to say) and a three point shooting 2 guard. This will make them a better TEAM.

And that is the key to my argument against going after Lebron. Remember many years ago that dream team the Lakers put together with Shaq, Kobe, Mailman and the Glove? Sure Payton and Malone were over the hill at that point, but regardless, that was a team that was designed for an easy championship. And they ended up getting destroyed by the better TEAM in Detroit. I am just saying that Lebron on the Bulls would win a lot of games, but I think the better chances for a championship would be scoring in the low post.

Of course, getting Lebron is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I wouldn’t blame them for going after James first. It would be a tough one to pass up, no matter what.

Indiana Pacers – As nice as Danny Granger is, he really is proving to be the injury risk that was predicted when he was drafted. But when healthy, he can be a beast who shoots WAAAAY too many three’s.

But what the Pacers need is a PG. They got TJ Ford before for this spot, but again as a Raps fan I knew that they were not getting much. They need to get a very good PG. The Pacers have an odd team where if they are rolling and the 3’s are falling, they can hang with anyone. But they don’t have the high enough talent level or consistency to do that and make it anymore except 9th-11th place every year. They are like a poor mans Orlando Magic. They need an injection of talent at the 1 spot, and they need to develop other aspects of their game besides jacking 3’s. Orlando can get away with it because of Dwight. The Pacers do not have a Dwight.

Detroit – Ugh…I don’t know here. I guess they just need a healthy season, but even then this is a border line playoff team. I guess they need to get rid of the old, and bring in another new. Say goodbye to Prince and Hamilton, get a decent defending 2 who can shoot and is fine with Gordon getting the most minutes at the position. I am not a big fan of Charlie V, so I think they need to get rid of him…but that won’t happen. So maybe trying to get an athletic center in the draft.

Seriously I don’t know with Detroit. I thought they made some bad moves in signing Gordon and Charlie V.  OK, Gordon can be good, although streaky, but I don’t think ether guy is championship material. Then this team has guys like Prince and Hamilton who clearly want out.

So what I think they need to do is completely rebuild. Top to bottom. But due to the contracts they gave Gordon and Charlie V, and the fact that I doubt Dumar’s will go that far in admitting he made some mistakes, I think this team is going to try to add one or two pieces and give it another go next year. THEN when they fail, they will then be forced to do what they really need to do…a complete rebuild.

Look for more “What they need” in the future. And I would love to hear what you guys and girls have to say about my thoughts, and what your thoughts are in the comment section down below. What do you think?


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  1. goingalpha says:

    nice! 🙂
    you know your stuff! 🙂
    great blog! love it! 🙂
    i 🙂 use 🙂 too 🙂 many 🙂 smiley 🙂 faces:P hahah:)

  2. leocheungblog says:

    Cavs need a great coach (Phil Jackson) to support King James.

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