The Break-Down

Rockhard Productions Presents

Bang the Party

Taking a look inside the world of Street Promotion, “Bang the Party” is a 82 minute documentary that examines 2 specific methods that are used to promoted various hiphop/rave events. Those methods are Flyering and Postering.

After interviewing various artists, graphic designers, promoters, city officials and street team members, we hope that “Bang the Party” has captured a slice of life that flies under the radar.

Appearing in “Bang the Party”

– Jesse Ohtake
President of TheCyberKrib Entertainment

– Mindbender
Canadian Hip Hop Artist

– Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip
Composer for The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra

– Karl Mohr

– Taurean Scotland
Street Team Member

– Michael Kopko
Street Team Member/Artist

– Chris Thomas
Graphic Design artist

– Tiffany Buckingham
Street Team Member

– Van Khanh
Street Team Member/Hip Hop artist

– Jonathan Ramos
President of REMG Entertainment

– Ryan Patterson
Graphic Design artist

– Gerrard Sealy
Street team member

– Denzil Minnan-Wong
City of Toronto Councillor

– Cyrus Songad
Assistant to the Music Director at Guvernment Nightclub

– Todd Simmons
DJ/ Graphic Designer

– Fundamental
Oakland based DJ

– Phillip Rayos aka Sideshow
Street team member

Directed by Rob Freeman and Neil Acharya
DVD art work: Mark Kidd

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